How To Grow Loquat Trees In Your Garden Or Yard

If you want to bring a tropical feeling to your garden or yard, loquat trees are your best choice. They grow up to 25 feet. Besides, they are not only used for decorative purposes. These trees are also grown for their orange fruits, which have a sweet and slightly citrus-like taste. They can be eaten cooked, as well as raw – as long as they are peeled.

In the early medieval ages, the fruits and leaves of these trees have been cultivated for tea and ornamental purposes. Nowadays, people use them for jellies, jams, and so many other things.


(1). If you live in a place where the temperature never falls below 10F and the weather is pleasantly warm most of the time, you have the perfect conditions to plant a loquat tree in your garden.

(2). There are many types of loquat trees, and if you want to grow one, you want to make sure that it is a self-fertile tree. Otherwise, you’ll have to plant at least two due to pollination.

(3). Never plant a loquat tree near your house or any structure in your yard. It needs a sunny location, which doesn’t get shadowed during the day.

(4). Water the tree twice in the first week so that the soil keeps moist.

(5). The care for loquat trees mainly focuses on good water management and proper nutrition. Use a common lawn fertilizer to fertilize the tree THREE or more times a year. Water the loquat when the blossoms begin to swell in spring and 2-3 times more once the fruits begin to ripen.