About Us

Garden is a magical place. It provides us a peaceful space that we can relax and make deep thought there. Every element of the garden can attract our attention. So that is why people always spend lots of time decorating their outdoor paradise. Paths, flower beds, edging, fences, plants, and any other things about the garden are all worth our careful design.

Besides the landscape, the garden also provides us a great place to grow our fresh food. By growing our herbs, vegetables, and fruits, we can make sure that no chemicals or pesticides have been added to our food. So we need many gardening tips and tricks to make the work easy.

Whether decorate the garden or grow food there, there is a lot of knowledge about garden we need to learn. For example, how to build a garden path with natural stone, or how to make garden decorations with recycled materials, or which tips about compost we should know, and so on. So we’ve run this blog and want to introduce you to some useful garden ideas.