14 Lovely Succulent Gardens To Spice Up Your Outdoors

Succulents are a popular idea to add color, variety and a unique feature to your home’s outdoor. Just like miniature fairy gardens, succulent gardens are perfect for small places, as they don’t grow much. In addition, thanks to the features of easy growth, easy maintenance, and tolerant of low water levels, even a lazy gardener can get a lovely succulent garden.

1. Tough Truck Gets a Makeover as Your Home’s Wonderful Succulent Gardens

Via junkmarketstyle.com

2. Design a Patterned Succulent Garden with Colorful Gravel

3. With a Little Simple Paint Process, Those Ordinary Mason Jars can Turn Into Rustic and Attractive Succulent Gardens

Via Addinktivedesigns.com & Yarner.blogspot.com

4. Unused Old Picture Frames and Hardware Cloth will Have You Get a Stunning Succulent Wall Display

Instructions: bhg.com

5. Recycle an Old Birdcage and Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint in Any Color You Want

Via Amazinginteriordesign.com

6. Take Out a Part of The Stumps and Fill Them with Succulent Plants and Colorful Pebbles

Via Flickr.com

7. Insert Mini Pots inside a Potted Succulent Garden

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8. Plant Succulents in a Glass Container Filled with Layers of Pebbles and Sand

Instructions(Bottom Project): Abeautifulmess.com

9. Construct Your Own Vertical Hanging Pallet Garden

Via Anythingologyblog.blogspot.com

10. Drilling Holes in Bricks, Not Just for Candlestands, But Also for a Unique Succulent Garden

Instructions(How to Drill): Charlesandhudson.com

11. Install pipes in your yard and plant them with succulents

12. An old wagon wheel turned succulent planter is an amazing idea

13. Place the cinder blocks a few tiers deep and add potting soil to grow your succulent garden

14. Plant purple succulents to fill in the crack between your sidewalk and your house or porch