14 Lovely Succulent Gardens To Spice Up Your Outdoors

Succulents are a cool way to add some color, different looks, and a special touch to your home’s outdoor area. Just like tiny fairy gardens, succulent gardens are great for small spots because they don’t grow too big. Plus, they’re super easy to grow, easy to take care of, and don’t need a lot of water. That means even if you’re not the most active gardener, you can still have a wonderful succulent garden.

1. Tough Truck Gets a Makeover as Your Home’s Wonderful Succulent Gardens

Are you ready for a fantastic journey? Buckle up as we give a tough truck a magical makeover, turning it into a delightful home for your succulent gardens.

Via junkmarketstyle.com

2. Design a Patterned Succulent Garden with Colorful Gravel

Let’s embark on a creative adventure! Picture a garden filled with succulents that dance with the colors of the rainbow, nestled among vibrant gravel.

3. With a Little Simple Paint Process, Those Ordinary Mason Jars can Turn Into Rustic and Attractive Succulent Gardens

Ever wondered about the secret of turning the ordinary into extraordinary? With a simple paint process, watch as those plain mason jars undergo a magical transformation into charming and rustic succulent havens. Experience the joy of giving new life to everyday objects.

Via Addinktivedesigns.com & Yarner.blogspot.com

4. Unused Old Picture Frames and Hardware Cloth will Have You Get a Stunning Succulent Wall Display

Take a journey into the past! Dust off unused old picture frames and hardware cloth, and witness the magic unfold as they come together to create a breathtaking succulent wall display. Explore the art of repurposing and turn forgotten relics into a focal point of natural beauty.

Instructions: bhg.com

5. Recycle an Old Birdcage and Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint in Any Color You Want

Have you ever dreamt of adding a personal touch to your surroundings? Recycle an old birdcage and let your creativity soar as you give it a fresh coat of paint in any color that suits your fancy. Transform a forgotten cage into a vibrant haven for your succulents.

Via Amazinginteriordesign.com

6. Take Out a Part of The Stumps and Fill Them with Succulent Plants and Colorful Pebbles

Uncover the mystery hidden in your garden! Take out a part of the stumps and engage in the fascinating puzzle of filling them with succulent plants and colorful pebbles.

Via Flickr.com

7. Place Mini Pots inside a Potted Succulent Garden

Ever thought of a garden within a garden? Insert mini pots into your potted succulent wonderland and witness the magic unfold.

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8. Plant Succulents in a Glass Container Filled with Layers of Pebbles and Sand

Imagine a world in layers! Plant succulents in a transparent glass container, creating a mesmerizing spectacle with layers of pebbles and sand.

Instructions(Bottom Project): Abeautifulmess.com

9. Construct Your Own Vertical Hanging Pallet Garden

Reach new heights in gardening! Construct your own vertical hanging pallet garden and explore the vertical dimension of greenery.

Via Anythingologyblog.blogspot.com

10. Drilling Holes in Bricks, Not Just for Candlestands, But Also for a Unique Succulent Garden

Let’s break the mold! Drilling holes in bricks isn’t just for candlestands; it’s also a unique way to create a succulent garden. Explore the unconventional as we dig into the process of turning sturdy bricks into vessels for your succulent dreams.

Instructions(How to Drill): Charlesandhudson.com

11. Install pipes in your yard and plant them with succulents

What lies beneath the surface of your yard? Install pipes and plant them with succulents, turning your outdoor space into a hidden oasis.

12. An old wagon wheel turned succulent planter is an amazing idea

Roll into creativity! An old wagon wheel can become a vessel of wonder as you turn it into a unique succulent planter. Experience the joy of repurposing and witness the transformation of a wheel into a spectacular showcase for your favorite succulents.

13. Place the cinder blocks a few tiers deep and add potting soil to grow your succulent garden

Build your green fortress! Place cinder blocks in tiers, adding potting soil to grow your succulent garden.

14. Plant purple succulents to fill in the crack between your sidewalk and your house or porch

Sprinkle a touch of color along your path! Plant purple succulents to fill in the cracks between your sidewalk and your house or porch. Watch as these hardy plants bring life and beauty to unexpected spaces, turning every step into a delightful serenade.