Top 12 Attractive Vines That Can Be Grown In Containers

Climbing plants in containers, also known as vines for pots, are an excellent way to bring a genuine touch of nature to any location while also adding privacy. These climbing plants in pots create a beautiful nest of greenery where you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. Below, we have listed the top 12 climbing plants in containers that you should consider for your container garden.

1. Cup and Saucer Vine

If you’re looking for a vibrant addition to your collection of vines for pots, consider the cup and saucer vine. Native to Mexico, this fast-growing flowering plant blooms abundantly but requires a bright location to thrive. Its long stems can trail over the sides of the pot, making it a beautiful addition to any display of potted vines.

2. English Ivy

For climbers that are suitable for planting in containers, English ivy is a popular choice. This climbing plant is perfect for growing in containers, particularly in shady areas. Its adaptability to different light and soil conditions makes it a versatile and easy-to-care-for option. Additionally, English ivy can be trained to grow up a trellis or around a support, creating an attractive vertical accent.

3. Clematis

This particular vine appears to be the perfect choice for adding appeal as well as vertical height to any container garden. Clematis is known to grow quite fast, and therefore, they should be planted in a big container. Moreover, you should also fertilize this plant at regular intervals.

4. Morning Glory

This plant is amongst the best vines or creepers for patio or garden containers. This plant can be grown easily and will be able to provide any location with morning glory.

5. Wisteria

Being a vine having lascivious purple shade, the wisteria develops best in a climate which is moderately cool. It can likewise be grown within a container by providing the required support and comparatively bigger space.

6. Honeysuckle

You’ll come across approximately 180 varieties of this particular plant which can be grown in different types of climatic conditions. The majority of the honeysuckle variety grows in warmer climates and is evergreen in nature. Make sure to water the plant regularly and place it in full sunshine.

7. Bougainvillea

Although not a vine, this plant can be grown easily and is quite colorful as well. Being a tropical plant, you need to protect it during winter in temperate zones.

8. Common Jasmine

Being an extremely fragrant flower, it is quite simple to grow this plant in containers. Nevertheless, properly drained soil, as well as warmth, will be required by it. Although Common Jasmine typically blooms during summer, in the tropics these are evergreen in nature.

7. Mandevilla

It will be feasible to enjoy the attractive and funnel-shaped flowers of this plant all through the summer. Even though Mandevilla thrives better in warmer climatic conditions, it can also be grown in cooler regions as an annual.

8. Climbing Rose

Most of the climbing rose varieties come with a pleasant rosy fragrance. However, this particular climbing plant will require lots of maintenance and care. The plant should be pruned on time and the faded flowers should be removed at regular intervals for maintaining its attractive appearance.

9. Passion Flower

Being extremely beautiful in appearance, this plant will also provide you with a lot of privacy. However, it is essential for you to provide it with adequate sunshine. Moreover, this plant is not much frost-resistant, and therefore, you should keep it in a really favorable location during winter.

10. Snail Vine

The flowers of this attractive tropical vine have a fragrance like that of snails and they’re white initially and turn to lavender pink afterward. It is quite simple to grow this plant in non-tropical regions although it will die during winter and return once again during spring.

11. Dutchman’s Pipe

In case you are searching for any uncommon plant for the container garden of yours, then Dutchman’s Pipe will be the ideal one for you. It is only possible to grow this plant as a perennial in tropical or subtropical climates. In other places, it should be grown in warm indoors or in a greenhouse.

12. Canary Creeper

If you allow this particular annual vine to ramble up on a fence, it will definitely reward you with its gorgeous yellow flowers. Canary creeper comes with an extended blooming period from summer to fall which is even more in subtropical areas where the plant is perennial.