Best 15 Plants That Flower All Summer Long

Summer is almost here and it is time to start planning what our flower gardens are going to look like. It is so satisfying to see those first blooms start on little seedlings that have been lovingly tended for weeks. However, it is equally disappointing when then those blooms only last a few days and then are gone again. Luckily, tons of flower varieties will bloom weeks on end, keeping your garden beautiful from June until August, sometimes later. Here are 15 flowers that will keep the color coming all summer.


Not only do these lovely yellow and maroon flowers bloom all summer, but they also grow great in less than stellar soil and will survive a little bit of neglect.


Zinnias are a versatile flower choice as they come in a whole rainbow of hues and even different sizes. If you choose to plant the hybrid Profusion Zinnias you will have blooms well into the fall.


Petunias are another flower that comes in a wide range of colors and will stay lovely all summer You can encourage your petunias to keep producing by plucking off blooms that are droopy and dying which will make room for new flowers to grow.

Globe Amaranth

These lovely little globes of color are most often a deep violet color, but they also come in lighter purples and even red and pink. Globe amaranths hold their color even after they have died and are often used in bouquets or dried arrangements.

Hardy Hibiscus

These large perennial blooms are a hardy cousin to the beautiful tropical hibiscus. Also called “Rose of Sharon” these plants produce a generous amount of flowers each summer and come in different shades of reds and pinks.


If you have a large space to fill up with flowers and want something that will come back every year, hydrangea is the plant for you. These bushes grow large, colorful clusters of blooms.


Golden yellow coreopsis is also known by the common name Tickseed, but these flowers are anything but hum-drum common. Coreopsis grow on long thin stalks and their leafy lower stalks make them great for ground cover.


Sweet and delicate yarrow is not only lovely to look at, their fern-like leaves have long been used for medicinal purposes. Plant these flowers in a sunny spot and enjoy them all summer.


Marigolds are easy to start from seeds and are also easily found at any garden store. These warm, orange and red flowers are commonly used in vegetable gardens as a deterrent to pests.


Candytufts are not only pretty during the summer, but they are also evergreen, so they will keep your flower beds beautiful year-round. These cute flowers come in white, pink, and purple varieties and will spread out, taking up any space you give them.


These bold pinkish-purple flowers have been a favorite of gardeners for ages, not only because they are pretty but also for their uses in tea and herbal remedies.

Sea Holly

Sea Holly looks a bit like a cactus with its spiky petals and foliage, and like a cactus, they will survive even if you forget to water them for a day or three.


Asters resemble brightly colored daisies and are a wonderful blend of cheery and traditional. Plant these bright beauties in moist solid with good drainage and plenty of sunshine and you’ll still have flowers when fall rolls around.


Big and bold, day-lilies are sure to make people stop and take notice of your garden. While the blossoms last only one day, they grow in such rapid succession, you will have flowers all summer long.


Once considered simply a wildflower, these perennials have made their way into gardens and gardeners’ hearts. Their wild roots make them easy to keep alive and their long growing season will make them a great addition to your garden.