Try These 10 Ideas for Adding Privacy to Backyard Oasis

Do you ever get the feeling that your neighbors are a bit too close for comfort when you’re chilling out in your backyard? Well, we’ve got some cool and colorful ideas to help you make your yard or deck more private. Not only will these ideas give you some extra peace and quiet, but they’ll also make your yard look even prettier. Plus, some of them can even cover up any not-so-nice stuff in your yard and make your home worth even more!

1. Give your backyard some privacy with these easy-to-build fabric and wood privacy screens.

Make your backyard feel like a secret hideaway by crafting simple fabric and wood privacy screens. These are super easy to build and will give your outdoor space the privacy it deserves.

2. Place tall garden pots (and their shrubs or flowers) close together to create a charming wall wherever privacy is needed, such as around a backyard swimming pool.

Want to make your backyard pool area more private? Just gather some tall garden pots and put them close together. Plant some flowers or shrubs in them, and voila! You’ve got a charming wall for added privacy.

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3. DIY wood frame and bamboo fencing come together to create these bamboo privacy screens, perfect for adding privacy to your patio.

If you want a perfect solution for your patio, try making bamboo privacy screens using a DIY wood frame and bamboo fencing. These screens are not just practical but also look fantastic in your outdoor space.

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4. Even if you already have a backyard fence or wall, sometimes you still can’t achieve the privacy you want, especially if your house is on a hill. The solution is to build a privacy screen using outdoor curtains that resemble the look of a pergola.

Living on a hill and struggling with privacy? No worries! Build a privacy screen using outdoor curtains that mimic a pergola. This solution helps you create a private retreat right in your backyard.

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5. Is your backyard fence too low? Add a piece of plastic or wooden lattice extension to the top of the existing fence to gain extra privacy.

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Build an extension to an existing brick wall fence:

Is your backyard fence too short? Fix that by adding a plastic or wooden lattice extension to the top. It’s an easy way to gain extra privacy and keep your space all to yourself.

6. Vines on a privacy screen can give your patio or yard some privacy while adding a touch of green.

Let vines take center stage! Plant them on a privacy screen to give your patio or yard a touch of green while ensuring your privacy is intact.

7. Consider a wattle privacy screen for its sculptural aesthetic values.

Ever heard of a wattle privacy screen? Consider it for its sculptural beauty! This unique option adds an artistic touch to your outdoor space while providing the privacy you crave.

8. A simple and attractive outdoor privacy solution is using lattice panels. Lattice panels can easily provide privacy without completely blocking sunlight and fresh air.

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For a simple and attractive privacy solution, use lattice panels. They effortlessly give you the privacy you need without blocking out all the sunlight and fresh air.

9. A wall of hedges is great for extending the height of a fence by placing them just along the inside border.

Extend your fence by creating a wall of hedges along the inside border. This natural solution adds height and privacy to your backyard.

10. Build a chevron-patterned patio privacy screen with pressure-treated lumber or reclaimed wood.

Build a stylish chevron-patterned patio privacy screen using pressure-treated lumber or reclaimed wood. It’s a trendy way to keep your outdoor space all to yourself.

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11. Plant evergreen trees in containers to block the view of neighbors.

Block the view of nosy neighbors by planting evergreen trees in containers. This easy solution brings a touch of nature to your backyard while ensuring your privacy.

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12. Shutter Privacy Screen:

Consider a Shutter Privacy Screen for a touch of classic charm. These screens not only provide privacy but also add a quaint feel to your outdoor space.

13. Bamboo for Privacy:

Opt for Bamboo for Privacy – an eco-friendly option that not only shields you from prying eyes but also adds a tropical touch to your backyard.

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14. Learn how to build a lattice privacy screen on a budget.

Learn how to build a lattice privacy screen on a budget. It’s a simple DIY project that ensures privacy without breaking the bank.

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15. A colorful plant wall, such as morning glory and black-eyed Susan vine, can provide just enough privacy without sacrificing beauty:

Embrace the beauty of nature with a colorful plant wall featuring morning glory and black-eyed Susan vine. It’s a delightful way to enjoy privacy without sacrificing the natural charm of your backyard.