15 DIY Living Garden Structures You Will Admire

The impressive garden decorations must be unique, personalized, and magical. A living garden structure is often a great choice for those who want to make an impression. It could range from a willow dome or lawn couch to fruit trees trained as archways and pergolas. If you have such a magical and exciting garden decoration, it will undoubtedly elevate your garden to a new level.

Trained plants can serve as your ideal garden decoration. They will not only provide vibrant colors and sweet smells but also create magical structures. As long as the plants are suitable for pruning, the only limit is your imagination.

Unlike garden decorations made from recycled items, these are artistic creations that can breathe and grow. Creating a living garden decoration requires simple training methods such as espalier, cordon, and pleaching. Then, just look for plants that respond well to pruning.

Here are some living garden structures and decorations for you to explore, some of which come with helpful tutorials:


Image via: instagram.com

Image via: bhg.com

Imagine the surprise and envy your visitors will feel when they see such an espaliered fruit tree! You can check out the video tutorial below on how to train a fruit tree against a wall.


In spring, grow sunflowers in the form of a playhouse, providing kids with a shady spot to play on hot days. Similar tutorial: bringblessing.blogspot.com


Building a living willow dome with kids encourages them to use their imagination to add unique garden elements and teaches them how to care for and maintain living plants while playing there. Similar tutorial: dengarden.com

Children will surely be amazed at how bean plants climb up the teepee structure.

More details at: charlottethegardener.co.uk


The lawn couch is more a piece of artwork than outdoor furniture. To grow this, create a dirt base, add grass, water, and sunlight, and time will take care of the rest. Image Source: inhabitat.com & instructables.com  How to do: cornell.edu


Feel proud when guests visit your home through a colorful Gourd Tunnel!

Image Source: mybeautfulthings.com   &   thisoldhouse.com


In addition to ensuring privacy and caring for your garden, a living fence is a beautiful decoration in itself. How to do: ecosnippets.com   &    amateurgardening.com


A cottage-style arch covered with multiple-petal plants such as roses and peonies will elevate your garden to new heights. Image Source: bhg.com


A fruit tree pergola (Grape, Kiwi, Lemon) not only offers beautiful colors but also provides a cozy resting area and juicy fruits. Image Source: mnn.com & pacifichorticulture.org