Add a Bit Of Art to an Old Boring Wooden Fence

Why We Need A Garden Fence?

Garden, a great place, allows us to breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and do gardening. A garden fence protects our precious garden time from interruptions. And more, while considering privacy, safety, and curb appeal, we need a garden fence.

The Advantages of Wood Fences:

A wooden fence is always the right choice because it is budget-friendly, easy to install or take off and environment-friendly. The wood fence helps you gain full privacy if needed, and block wind and noise. Not only that, a fence that is a decor feature itself too.

The Disadvantages of Installing Wood Fences:

Because it is built from wood, the wood fence will fade, crack and warp after a period of use. Therefore, it needs painting and maintenance regularly. That requires you to invest time and money.

So Add a Bit Of Art to an Old Boring Wood Fence:

When a wooden garden fence fades or cracks, we all want to replace it. Because an old worn wooden fence will let the entire garden fade a lot. But considering the high cost of rebuilding, maybe we need the following ideas to revive the garden fence:

#1. Add a dynamic element to the garden fence. This water wall made of bamboo is nice because bamboo is very suitable for outdoor projects.

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#2. When a boring old wood fence meets vintage China plates, it creates a piece of unique aesthetic decor:

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#3. Before I saw this brilliant idea, I never thought a beautiful fence letter art could be created with some sticks and plywood:

#4. It is a good idea for bird lovers. Decorate the wooden fence with colorful birdhouses:

#5. Repurpose those empty bottles that lying around your house to build a fence that will blend in well with your colorful garden:

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#6. Paint these metal flowers in vibrant color, then place them at a random pattern on your garden fence:

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#7. Drill holes on a wooden fence and place colorful marbles in it to create a work of art. It will look stunning when the sun shines through:

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#8. Bend Willow into a fence that is both aesthetics and functionality:

#9. Add a little romance to your garden by hanging this cute barrel hoop heart on a fence:

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#10. Hang these painted watering cans in an old window shutter for making a piece of wall art: