23 Cool Ways to Set Up a Tiny Garden for Your Apartment

Do you want to build a garden in your home? Are you worried about space constraints? Don’t worry. A big backyard is not often required to set up a tiny garden. If you think creatively, you can create a wonderful garden in a small place.

With the help of some common household items or unused spaces, you can build beautiful, small gardens that enhance the curb appeal of your home. It can be a garment rack, shoe rack, pain can, Ikea cart, tomato can ladder, rain gutter. These types of simple tools help you build gardens for apartment or home. Here are 23 smart, simple, and interesting ways to set up a tiny garden in a small place:

1. A garment rack is a good option

An Ikea garment rack is a smart choice to display your houseplants in style. Just hook the plants on the rack to make your garden.

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2. Use an over-the-door shoe rack

You can make a tiny garden using an over-the-door shoe rack. Shrubs can be tucked in the shoe rack to make a cute, organized garden.

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3. Make use of an Ikea side table

If you want to grow succulents in a small space, you just need to cut the center of an Ikea table and line with plastic before placing the succulents in a pot. Add soils and pebbles to the pot before planting the succulents.

4. Repurpose paint cans

Small gardens for apartment can be created using paint cans. Make holes on the bottom of each can to ensure smooth drainage. Drill holes on the sides to let the string pass through. With the help of dock cleats and a piece of wood, you can attach cans to the wall.

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5. Utilize an Ikea cart to grow succulents

The shelf bottom must be lined with window screening before placing soil on the shelf if you want to plant succulents directly into the Ikea cart. It encourages water drainage without disturbing the soil.

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6. Old tomato cans are good options

Fasten old tomato cans to the fence to create a simple, cheap growing space for gooseberry plants. After cleaning the cans, you need to put holes on the bottom for smooth drainage. Spray-paint the cans before attaching them to the wall using screws.

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7. A combination of a wood pallet and landscaping fabric creates an ideal setting for a garden

If you want to grow sunflowers and spider plants in a small place, you just need to attach or secure a landscaping fabric to a wood pallet. Remove a few boards from the pallet before stapling for creating space to promote upward plant growth.

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8. Rain gutters make excellent gardens for your apartment

Make holes in the bottom of PVC rain gutters and steel cable rods to ensure smooth drainage. The next step is to secure them with cross clamps. Then, add soil before planting shallow-rooted plants.

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9. Planters within planters

Placing planters within planters, you can make simple and beautiful, small gardens for apartment. Sturdy materials like bricks must be placed inside the largest planter to make a pedestal for the second tier. Make sure that there is enough aspect for drainage. You need to fill the soil inside the bottom planter before placing the third planter on top.

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10. Place flower pots on a ladder

If you have only limited space in your backyard, you can place flower pots on a ladder.

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11. Create a Mason jar herb garden

If you want to make a tiny garden, you can use mason jars. Using pipe clamps, you can attach them to a wood plank.

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12. Make office supply containers planters

You can convert office supply planters into planters and attach them to the wall.

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13. Hang acrylic shelves across your apartment windows

You can grow house plants on acrylic shelves across your apartment windows. The copper brackets can be spray painted to enhance the look.

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14. Convert soda bottles into pots

Firstly, you need to cut one large hole in the side and then four small holes along the sides of the soda bottles. Insert strings through these holes and make larger knots underneath the bottles to prevent any slide. To ensure smooth drainage, cut another hole on the bottom of the bottles.

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15. Use glass bottles to grow aquatic plants

Fill the bottle with sand, pond snails, rocks, and pond scrum before placing aquatic plants.

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16. Bathroom caddies make beautiful pots

You can make a tiny garden by taking your bathroom caddies outdoors. Fill soil and plant your favorite plants. Make a stand to keep them organized.

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17. Macrame hangers and ropes make a perfect small garden for apartment

You need to cut a rope into eight equal sizes before knotting all pieces together from the ends. These hair knots will hold the macrame hangers. The next step is to divide the two ropes in each knot and connect them with other ropes alongside to make another row. Repeat it three times. Another large knot can be made around a metal ring.

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18. Attach a few boards on the wall to make a beautiful nursery trellis

You can create a beautiful nursery trellis of climbing wines by nailing a few boards to your wall. The pots can be hanged using leather straps.

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19. Make a garden with steel mesh

You can hook pots on hanging steel meshes to create a lovely, small garden. When it comes to hanging the steel meshes on the wall, you need to use the right hardware.

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20. Stack wooden crates to make appealing, small gardens for apartment

Keep the wooden crates on top of each other and attach each one to the wall to create a tiny garden veggie plants garden. It is also necessary to stick the boxes in between to provide the best support. A mesh or landscaping cloth can be used to line them to prevent soil leakage.

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23. Use a wire fence to make a tiny garden

If you have a wire fence, you can wrap wires around your new plant pots to attach them to the fence.

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