How to Grow a Small Rain Gutter Garden

Perfect for garden beginners, a gutter garden is a great way when you want to add something unique to your home’s outdoor, as well as you don’t have to crowd your garden with planters. With the use of some basic hardware attached to the rain gutters along with drilling holes, you can build a delightful vertical garden with little time.

1. Use rain gutters to build a hanging herb garden with plant stand:

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2. Create gutter gardens attaching to your garden wall. They will be neat, organized-looking and low maintenance:

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3. There are so many benefits to diagonal gutter gardens, such as good drainage:

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4. Install the rain gutters on the deck railing to create your mini vegetables garden:

Tutorial found here:

5. When you want to spice up your fence, you could consider a rain gutter garden. This will save space as well as you don’t have to crowd your garden with planters.

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6. For a rustic look create a stand of pallets and attach gutter planters to it.

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7. A rain gutter garden can also be installed along a window and serve as an alternative to curtains or a screen:

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