10 Unexpected Places to Grow Your Vegetable Garden

Growing a vegetable garden is worth investing your time and effort in because it is not only an economical, healthy and interesting way to get your fresh and yummy vegetables, but it also can be an alternative to a traditional flower-filled garden.

According to the terrain and the size of the land, there are many ideas to create a vegetable garden. But for those of you who only have a small garden, yard, or balcony, you need some unusual and unique ideas to grow your fresh food. There are a lot of unexpected places that you can grow your vegetable garden. Can you imagine that your wall, window box, deck rail, and much other small space can be turned into your garden? And more, the most fun thing is that you can recycle much old stuff to use as a garden bed that can be an attractive focal point of your outdoor space.

Here, we have shown “10 Unexpected Places to Grow Your Vegetable Garden” that we thought are the best. Have a look at them and get inspired:

1. There are a lot of bright uses of cinder blocks in gardening things, for example, building a cinderblock wall not only lets you get a space-saving plantation, but it also provides you extra privacy.

via: penick.net

2. Use wire mesh to shape a bean house that helps your beans grow faster and makes you pick them easier.

3. Create a PVC pipe garden to keep everything neat and tidy. It seems a good choice for those who want to have a vegetable garden in their balconies.

4. If you happen to have a broken boat lying around your house, then why not transform it into a raised garden bed for growing your favorite vegetables?

5. Still, looking for a cool place for your furry friends in hot weather, have a look at this fun pet house with a green roof? Due to its limit space, you just grow a few kitchen herbs there.

via: savannahnow.com

6. Hanging 5-gallon buckets from a wooden beam in the garden to build your upside-down tomato garden that not only saves your floor space, but it also creates a charming green wall.

7. For those of you with small garden space, living walls and vertical gardens can be a great option to grow your vegetables.

8. The window box is not only used to display your flowering plants, but it also is a great place to grow your herb garden because it allows you easily access and harvest your herbs.

9. Re-purpose a shoe organizer and hang it over the fence to plant herbs in its pockets.

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10. Set up a raised garden bed along your slope yard so that you won’t waste any space for growing your vegetables, and it’ll be a unique landscape as well.