10 Saving Space Ways To Grow Strawberries

It is gardening time. The fresh and juicy strawberries are one among the simplest fruits you’ll grow in so little space. Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow, and that they are often grown almost anywhere: in borders, containers or hanging baskets. Try one among these DIY ideas for growing strawberries in small space! a number of these ideas have step by step instructions, and therefore the other just with some images, but they still can offer you some useful information.

1. Grow strawberry plants in cinder blocks to stay them off the bottom , and therefore the warmth of the blocks can help strawberries grow health.

2. Use gutter parts to create an easy deck railing-mounted strawberry garden.

Tutorial: familyhandyman.com    Source: beagardeningstar.com

3. Pyramid planter can assist you get many pounds of strawberries in little sq ft space.

Source: squarefoot.creatingforum.com    &    arainydaydesigns.blogspot.com

4. Re-imagine a laundry hamper or gallon drum can into a strawberry tower.

Take a look at this similar project tutorial: Youtube.com

5. Plant and grow strawberries in beautiful hanging baskets.

If you love it you can take a look this Tutorial: hgtv.com

6. Growing strawberry during a vertical PVC or wooden tube are often great solution for limited space.

How to build it: urbangreenspace.wordpress.com        Source: soupaddict.com

7. Planting them up off the bottom in rain gutters can keep them clean also as saving much space.

See the VIDEO tutorial here: Youtube.com

8. Pallets are cheap and sturdy; you’ll use them to make a raised bed for strawberry planting.

Check the available here.

9. This clever structure isn’t just for growing strawberries, it also suits for vegetables and herbs.
You can also make mixed planting, just refill the planter boxes with the right potting soil and
choice plants.

The step by step article is available here.

10. A pyramid planter gives you the extra planting and growing space, and offers you an area to showcase your favorite fruit.

See the step by step DIY article here!