15 Amazing Garden Accents Created from Recycled Objects

Spring is all about enjoying and decorating your garden. A garden lets us connect with our nature, and supply an area the spend a while outdoors.

While it’s good to measure as green as possible, it’s also excellent to spruce up your garden by using some repurposed and recycled materials. Not only you’ll remove the clutter from your house, but you’ll bring a completely unique touch to your garden.

And you’ll do that easily during a few or almost no bucks by using upcycled objects.

Take a glance at the below ideas and make one, or more, for yourself!

Silverware Tags

Pallet Fence and Planter

Jeans Planter

Old Chair

Plastic Bottle Planters


Plastic Bottle Lids

Bottle Garden Edging


Tea Tins

Golf Balls and Screws Flowers

Garden Lamps from Wire Baskets and Solar Lamps

Vintage Glass Plates Flowers

Old Cans

Owls Crafts

Recycle Old Shovels into Garden Signs

Image via: organized clutter

Old Shoes Planters

Image via: alwaysintrend theverybesttop10 , hgtv

Make a Large Flower Art with Upcycled Colored Hoses

Image via: bees knees bungalow

Turn an Old Galvanized Bucket and a Pedestal Into a Tall Planter

Image via: organized clutter

Old Birdcages Planter

Image via: flickr

Stack Empty Wine Bottles and Create a Water Feature

Image via: garden thyme with the creative gardener