27 DIY Garden Signs With Unique Style

Our gardens are not only places where we grow fresh food, they are places for us to relax, unwind and bond with our family. A place for us to enjoy a cold drink and the sounds of birds in nearby trees while we remove weeds or check the firmness of our tomatoes. The spot where we teach our children to be gentle with the newly sprouted plants, and delight in their squeals when they discover a fat, juicy earthworm. Many of us have fond childhood memories of gardening with our mothers or grandmothers and look forward to building those same types of memories with our kids. Like everyone’s family, everyone’s garden is a little bit different. The layout of your rows and planters, what you choose to plant, and how you decorate your space.

Some people prefer raised beds in neat orderly rows. Some of us like to mix flowers and veggies in a more wild feeling space. People built garden fences from stone, pallets, or classic pickets, depending on what appeals to them. Another way to distinguish your garden and make it uniquely your own is by making garden signs to decorate your plot of earth. Garden signs can be purely decorative, with fun sayings or a declaration of who is in charge of tending the space. They can also be functional, serving as a map of what is planted where. When it comes to garden signs, the only limit is your imagination. Here are 27 DIY garden sign ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

Painted Metal Box Sign

Via: Organized Clutter

Painted Letter Stakes

Source: Sew Country Chick

Rustic Wooden Herb Sign

Old Fence Rustic Sign

Source: Decoor

Corrugated Metal Garden Sign

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Classic Metal Garden Markers

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Garden Tours Sign

Source: Style Me Pretty

Twisted Wire Plant Marker

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Hinged Message Sign

Twig Message on Garden Wall

Source: Forum House

Potting Shed Sign

Source: Funky Junk Interiors

Fork Peace Sign Garden Decor

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Fresh Cut Flowers License Plate

Garden of Weeden

Source: Cat Patches

Painted Old Window Welcome Sign

Stenciled Message on a Fence

Source: Deposito Santa Mariah

Painted Rusty Shovel Message

Source: Bless My Weeds

Gardening is My Therapy

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Hanging Fresh Flowers Sign on Gate

Rocking Chair Sign Holder

Source: Flea Market Gardening

Mason Jar Lid Plant Markers

Source: The Micro Gardener

Painted Wooden To The Garden Sign