10 Unique Garden Crafts Made From Old Gardening Tools

Garden, an exciting place, many people love to spend their spare time there. A well-decorated garden makes the space more inviting and welcoming, so we should do something for the garden during this springtime. There are tons of ideas to brighten up gardens and give them some appeal, but the most brilliant idea is making some creative garden crafts by repurposing old items because it’s a great way to save money and bring out creativity. When those gardening tools get broken or old, instead of throwing them away, you can utilize to create fun garden decorative crafts with them:

1. Your little feathered friends will like to enjoy their time in your garden when they find there are a few cute little bird feeders out there, which made from old shovels or spades.

2. Set up birdhouses on tops of those standing shovels, and you simply lean them against garden fences.

Tutorial: porch.com     Image credit: wyolifestyle.com

3. Turn those rusty old garden tools into a wonderful gate that will not only bring a nice rustic look to the garden, but it also describes the hobbies of the homeowners.

Tutorial: montanawildlifegardener.blogspot.com

4. Grow a shovelheads flower like this, and it doesn’t need you to invest time to care, but it will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Image via: hometalk.com

5. Attach some old garden tools on a circle board made from wooden pallets to make this brilliant craft that is not a functional clock but a certainly attractive focal point of your garden.

Tutorial: mysweetsavannahblog.com

6. DIY trellis is a must-have to do gardening project every springtime, and it provides you an opportunity to show your creativity like this garden tool trellis.

Tutorial: sadieseasongoods.com    and    cottageintheoaks.com

7. If you want to expand your living space to the outdoors and spend quality time there, the outdoor furniture is must-have. But you don’t need to buy always, and you can make one by yourself, such as here’s portable garden table making from an old shovel and a piece of circular wood board.

Tutorial: urbangardensweb.com

8. Create a rustic shovel-handle display tray for small potted succulents. This would be a perfect decoration for your outdoor table.

Tutorial: organizedclutter.net

9. Another incredible use of old shovelheads is to turn them into crazy planter holders.

10. Create an accent wall or fence with this bold but beautiful flower art, and maybe you never thought of it is crafted from a few rusty saws.