A Farm Grows Avocados Up to 3-Feet Long & 3 Pounds

Because of its highly flavored and nutritious, the versatile avocado has definitely become one of the most popular fruits. From salad to guacamole and toast toppings, the avocado is often touted as a health food and has been proven to be a great way to add healthy fat to the daily diet.

So you are sure to be familiar with avocados. Before I met these unique avocados, I thought so too. But now, I begin to doubt my knowledge. Their 3 FEET LONG SIZE and elongated shape make them look unreal and even unnatural. But after learning the story behind them, these giant avocados are grown by a small farm called “Miami Fruit” much surprised me. These avocados are 100% non-GMO and organic.

Each of these avocados weighs about 3 POUNDS and worth $47. WOW… But they still have a creamy texture with a slight sweetness in the taste, without being affected by the elongated shape and overweight. If you want to taste these avocados by yourself, you can visit the Miami Fruit website for more information about ordering. Fun!