Make Hot Garden Bed With Recycled Wine Bottles

What will you deal with your empty wine bottles lying around your house? Obviously, it is most unwise to dispose of them as garbage. People usually decorate outdoor space with wine bottles. In fact, if you look around your house carefully, you will find that wine bottles often appear in many garden projects such as garden edging and bird feeder, and maybe your neighbor have one of them.

However, this is the first time I found the application of wine bottles in a solar heated garden bed project. This amazing idea made it possible to grow plants in that cold, snowy region. Glass bottles hot bed will not only provide much needed warmth to your plants, it is also completely eco- friendly project.

How It Work?

It works by transferring the heat of sunlight into the soil through a glass bottle. The detailed process is when sunlight heats the bottles the warm air inside expands, then it passes through the soil and raises the temperature of the soil in the garden bed. The right temperature will speed up or extend the growing season of the plants.

How To Build It?

Step 1: Collect glass bottles as many as possible. Glass recycling depot near your home can get you what you need.

Step 2: Clean the inside of each bottle.

Step 3: Choose a place for the hot garden bed, because once it is built it cannot be moved.

Step 4: Arrange the glass bottles layer by layer and fix them with concrete mixture. Make sure the neck of every bottle is open and facing inside.

Step 5: Stack the bottles according to your needs, but at least 3 layers.

Step 6: Use a mixture of soil and compost to fill the inside of raised bed. (Maybe you will be interested in our article: Composting Guide and Tips for Beginner)

Setp 7: Start growing your crops.