21 Cool and Inspiring Benches Around Trees

Having some seating is a simple idea to make your outdoor time more enjoyable and comfortable. If you have trees in your yard or garden, why not built a tree bench around one? A bench around a tree adds visual appeal to your outdoor space while also providing you plenty of seating areas. The idea of tree benches is a form of preserving your tree and creating functional sitting areas, and shows us how a beautiful bench embrace nature. A tree bench offers you a cozy place to sit while enjoying the beautiful weather and the views and encourages you and your family to stay more time under a tree’s natural shade. To create your DIY tree bench is not difficult. It is possible for anyone with even rudimentary skills to build a bench around a tree. Simply play with your tools and creativity and the following creative picture ideas:

1. Bricks are perfect material for the pavement:

Image via: landscapingnetwork.com

2. Curved wooden bench surrounded by trees:

Image via: deviantdeziner.blogspot.com

3. Tree benches merged with wooden chairs:

Image via: portu666.tumblr.com

4. The seat is created using river rocks and stone:

5. Place a harmonic wooden chair around a willow:

6. Cover your soft cushions above a metal frame:

Image via: palatialliving.blogspot.com

7. Use pallets to create a seating around your favorite tree:

Tutorial: addicted2diy.com

8. Create a raised wooden platform and install a bench between trees:

Tutorial: ninered.blogspot.com

9. Wicker and tree branches are natural materials to form your benches around trees:

Image via: wwwrockrose.blogspot.com

10. Use cinder blocks to sustain a wooden seating zone:

Image via: homeli.co.uk

11. How to build a tree bench:

Tutorial: thisoldhouse.com

12. Build a large planter and a cozy bench with reclaimed wood:

13. Set up a wooden deck around your yard tree, that doubles as a seating area:

Image via: krispgarden.blogspot.com

15. Incorporate a tree to this wooden platform for shade and comfort:

16. Install a wooden platform around your favorite tree:

Image via: distractmeplease.blogspot.com

17. A shell form wrapping around the tree’s trunk to define a cozy seat:

18. Natural example of rock tree seat:

Image via: dreaminggardens.blogspot.com

19. Simple,flat and square-shaped platform wraps around the tree trunk:

20. Another simple example to use wood in a bench which wraps around your backyard tree:

Tutorial: dippitydot.blogspot.com

21. This more modern tree bench with vibrant green color that transforms it into a focal point:

Image via: homedit.com