Clever Ideas of Decorating or Hiding a Tree Stump in Your yard

Have you found yourself with some tree stumps in your yard? Removing them can be a challenging and costly task. Instead of removing them, why not consider some tree stump ideas for decoration?

With these creative and practical tree stump decorating ideas, you can turn those unsightly stumps into unique and functional garden features.

Hide or Disguise Your Tree Stump with the Magic of Climbing Plants

Learn how to disguise a tree stump by using climbing plants. You can easily hide it by planting climbing Clematis, Jessamine, Creeper, Peas, or Hydrangea vines around the stump.

Train the vines to grow around the stump, and watch as they gradually cover it up over time. With these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful and natural way to disguise that unsightly tree stump in your yard.


Transform Your Tree Stump into a Gorgeous Decorative Planter

To create a unique piece of tree stump decor, you can turn your old stump into a planter. First, use the pointed end of a sharp mattock to chip away the center of the stump, creating a hole that is 4 to 8 inches deep with a 3-inch border. Then, use a drill to create drainage holes on the side of the stump, to ensure that water can flow properly.

Next, add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the hole, followed by a mixture of potting soil (70%) and compost (30%). This will provide a good growing medium for your plants.

Choose plants such as trailing ivy, colorful annuals, or vibrant perennials to plant in the stump planter.

Not only will these plants help to hide tree stumps, but they’ll also add a lovely touch of nature to your outdoor decor.


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Sculpting a Tree Stump


If you want to hide a tree stump, you can certainly carve or sculpt the wood into a decorative piece or something unique.

If you are artistic, you can use your creativity to make the stump the center of attraction.

There are many tree stump ideas and DIY ideas for decorating a tree stump available online that can help you transform the stump into a work of art.

Convert the tree stump into a chair

A tree stump can be transformed into a natural chair with the help of tools such as a hammer, grinding wheel, stain brushes, and a hand saw.

By using these tools and your imagination, you can carve a tree stump into a comfortable and stylish chair that will add a unique touch to your outdoor decor.

Fairy Garden Tree Stump Decorations


To decorate a tree stump for a fairy garden, you can transform the tree trunk into a planter and plant your favorite annuals.

Then, you can decorate the stump with various elements and accessories such as fairy houses, miniature furniture, and tiny animals.

You can use your imagination to create a magical fairy garden that will be the centerpiece of your outdoor decor. Be creative and enjoy the process of decorating your tree stump!


Transform your stump into a birdbath

If you’re looking for tree stump decorating ideas, consider transforming your stump into a beautiful birdbath. To start, clean the stump and then use a saw or drill to carve out a shallow bowl on top.

Next, you can add a layer of concrete into the bowl to give it a polished finish.

This will create the perfect spot for birds to come and take a dip, while adding a unique touch to your yard or garden.

With some creativity and a little elbow grease, learning how to decorate tree stumps can turn them into beautiful and functional pieces of art.

Image via Marian Byrne @ flickr

Make Fountain From A Tree Stump and Recycled Tea Pots

If you have a tree stump in your garden that you want to spruce up, why not turn it into a charming fountain?

Gather some old, recycled tea pots and arrange them creatively on top of the stump.

With a little bit of DIY magic, you can create a whimsical water feature that will bring life and tranquility to your outdoor space.

Repurposing A Tree Stump As A Fairy House:


Begin by carving a door and windows into the stump, giving it a whimsical appearance.

Add some miniature furniture, tiny doors, and even a tiny garden surrounding the stump to create a magical setting.

This repurposed tree stump will become a focal point, where children and adults alike can let their imaginations soar as they envision a world inhabited by fairies. Image  Source

Birdhouse Village:

By clustering several birdhouses together, you can form a picturesque village that not only provides shelter for birds but also adds a whimsical touch to your garden.

Tree Stump Serving Table:

Don’t let that tree stump go to waste; turn it into a unique serving table for outdoor gatherings.

With some sanding and varnishing, the stump can be transformed into a rustic and sturdy tabletop.

Place it in your garden or patio and use it as a practical surface for serving drinks and snacks during parties or as a charming centerpiece for outdoor meals.

Tree Stump Playhouse for Kids:

Looking for a fun and imaginative play space for your little ones? Look no further than a tree stump playhouse!

Utilizing a tree stump as the foundation, you can create a magical play area that will spark your child’s creativity and provide hours of entertainment.

Use your creativity to make the stump a base for any decor.

Short tree stumps can serve as versatile bases for any outdoor decor. Use them to anchor an outdoor dining table or as a base for a garden statue.

Hollow out the center and add a small water feature or bird bath. Or, create a rustic planter by filling the hollow with soil and planting flowers or herbs.

So, short tree stumps can be transformed into functional and unique bases for any outdoor decor idea you have.

Create a checker or chess table

How to decorate a tree stump into a chess table? It is very simple. Firstly, you need to make the top surface smooth using a chisel and other types of tools.

Then, you can either paint on the checkerboard or carve it into the surface for a more rustic look.

Use rocks or sticks as the game pieces, or invest in a set of durable plastic ones for a more traditional feel.

Create a beautiful, modern tree stump table

If you’re wondering what to do with tree stumps, why not consider transforming them into a beautiful and modern tree stump table?

With the necessary tools such as sandpaper, polyurethane, drill with appropriate bits, one package of Capita legs from Ikea, and a paintbrush, you can create a stunning piece of furniture.

Don’t forget to add a protective tree stump cover for added durability and aesthetic appeal.


Conceal an unsightly tree stump by using a raised bed.

Wondering how to decorate a tree stump?One option is to create a raised bed around it. To do this, you will need to use topsoil to fill the area around the stump completely.

Make sure to use at least 4 inches of topsoil over the stump. Once the planting area is filled, you can surround it with rocks or timbers to create a decorative border.

As you place plants into the raised bed, be sure to leave enough space between them to allow for proper growth and development.

This is a great way to make the area around the tree stump more appealing and visually interesting.


Turn a large tree stump into a climbing wall for little hands and feet.

Discover creative ideas for tree stumps with this guide from on how to turn them into an imaginative play area for kids.

The blog outlines step-by-step instructions on selecting the right tree stump, removing its bark, and adding elements such as a rope ladder and slide to create a crow’s nest and slide.

The finished project provides a unique and exciting space for children to play, encouraging them to connect with nature and fostering their creativity.

A seating area built from tree trunks, perfect for enjoying nature.

A seating area made from tree trunks is an excellent way to bring nature into your outdoor space.

Using tree stumps as seats not only adds rustic charm to your decor but also provides a functional and sustainable seating option.

To make the most of your tree stump ideas, consider using different sizes and heights to create a unique and natural seating arrangement.

You can also enhance the look with cushions or a coat of paint, depending on your style. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with a one-of-a-kind tree trunk seating area.