17 DIY Plant Cages and Supports For Your Summer Garden

With summer coming up quickly now is a great time to start planning the layout of this year’s vegetable garden. Getting rows in order and deciding what plants are going to go in which area. This is also a great time to get any supports or cages built so you have them ready to go when your plants start to get a little top-heavy. There is nothing more disappointing than having a tomato plant that is thriving and growing fast, only to have it break off. These 17 DIY supports and plant cages will help make sure your plants stay in one piece all summer.

1.  Bamboo Tents

These supports work great for any vining plant and are super cheap to make. You can use bamboo stakes or even large sticks or cane that you’ve found around your yard.

Tutorial: theelliotthomestead

2. Folding Tomato Cages

Anyone who has grown tomatoes knows how quickly they sprout up and need support. These cages are easily made with whatever extra wood you have laying around and fold up nicely for convenient winter storage.

Tutorial: motherearthnews

3.  Wheel Dome

The only materials you need to complete this funky dome are old bike rims and some zip-ties. This unique dome not only allows you to repurpose something instead of throwing it out, but it also gives you support for a large patch of your garden.

Tutorial: instructables

4.  Potted Trellis

These beautiful trellises work great for vining plants with small fruit like beans and cucumbers. Simply gather up some large sticks and build the trellis inside a large pot.

Tutorial: thisoldhouse

5.  Extra Sturdy Tomato Cages

Some tomato plants need a little extra support when their big juicy fruits start to come in. That’s where these super sturdy cages made from cattle panels come in handy.

Tutorial: homesteadandchill.com

6.  Simple Stake and Wire Supports

Not only are these supports, which are built out of wooden stakes and chicken wire, easy to build, they can also double as garden markers!

Tutorial: oldworldgardenfarms

7.  Row Cages

These long cages are made from galvanized wire and rebar and will provide support for an entire row of plants. These are especially good for long vining plants like peas and squash.

Tutorial: mosaicgardens

8.  Obelisk Trellis

These trellises are not only functional, but they are also pretty. Paint some scrap wood in bright colors and then use it to build your trellis.

Tutorial: mommadanddaboyz

9.  Pallet Trellis

It seems like old pallets can be used for almost anything, and here is one more great project to build with them. These trellises are easy to make and will hold up even your heaviest vining plants.

Tutorial: onehundreddollarsamonth

12.  Stake and Twine Cages

Using just some wooden stakes and twine you can build these cute cages to support your cherry tomatoes or beans.

13.  Bamboo and Twine Towers

Another great project that is just held together with some twine is these bamboo and twine towers. Bamboo stakes cost very little and make excellent support for your garden.

Tutorial: thepaintedhinge

14.  Umbrella Teepee

These umbrella-shaped teepee supports are great for any plant that needs support and they also add a bit of decoration to your garden. If you are feeling extra creative, add a finial or decorative knob to the top.

15.  Willow Towers

You can use willow branches and twine or rope to make these simple support towers. If you don’t have a willow tree, don’t fret, any supple and pliable tree branches will do.

Tutorial: bhg

16.  Scrap-wood Cages

Using odd bits of wood you have around the yard you can build these simple and sturdy tomato cages.

Tutorial: ellaclaireinspired

17.  PVC Cages

PVC is not only cheap, it is versatile and can be used in many DIY garden projects. These cages are easy to build and can easily be added on to if your plants are extra tall and you need a bigger cage.

Tutorial: idreamofeden