14 Best Drought-tolerant Plants For Low Water Gardens

While many of us are looking forward to summer and planting some decorative flowers and bushes to brighten up our outdoor space, not all of us have the greenest of thumbs. Sometimes summer fun gets in the way of taking care of a garden, or maybe we are just forgetful and don’t remember to water our plants every day.

Either way, there are plenty of drought-tolerant plant options that require minimal care and will survive, or in some cases thrive when left to their own devices. Here are a dozen drought-resistant flowers, grasses, vines, and more that will make your garden beautiful, even if you forget about them for a few days.


Agaves’ beautiful color and thick, lush leaves have made them a go-to garden choice in dry climates. This lovely plant is not only easy to care for, they can grow to enormous sizes, with some reaching over 15 feet in diameter.


Cacti are the obvious choice for a garden that prone to drought. Cacti are hardy and grow naturally in some of the harshest climates in the world. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, making them a versatile garden choice.


Also known as “blanket flowers,” gaillardia is a native of the southwestern United States and Mexico that thrives on direct sunlight and dry soil. These lovely little bushes can grow up to 20 feet tall if given the right care.


The purple blossoms of these lovely little plants have been used for centuries to make teas and add fragrance to soaps or candles. Lavender makes a great ground cover for areas that are in direct sunlight or have only a little bit of shade.


Oleanders have been popular for centuries not only because they are beautiful and easy to care for, but also because they bloom year-round. Native to subtropical areas of Asia and Africa, oleander is a hardy plant that has no disease or insect issues.


These low-growing plants love lots of sun and soil that will keep their roots nice and dry. Plant portulaca somewhere that they will be sure to keep warm as they do not like the cold. Also, make sure it’s somewhere you don’t mind having honeybees stop by to visit.

Rose Campion:

Rose Campions will add a splash of color to your garden with their delicate blossoms which come in white or a whole range of pinks. These plants make a great ground cover and if cared for properly will come back year after year.

Russian Sage:

Russian sage is one of the easiest plants to grow as it is not picky about where it is planted as long as it has soil that drains well. Russian sage is a very fragrant plant and if you want to encourage your plant to smell its best be sure to give it fertilizer every other month during the growing season.


Sage is greedy about its sunlight and does best in an area where it will have little to no shade. Known for centuries as “the wise woman’s herb” sage has a reputation for granting wisdom and clarity when burned.


Succulents are very popular right now as both a garden plant and a house plant. This popularity comes from how easy they are to care for and the wide variety of shapes and colors you can purchase them in.


Verbena prefers wide shallow pots with just a light watering when necessary. Care for these plants properly and they will add beautiful flowers to your garden all summer.


Wallflowers are an interesting plant that has developed several unique adaptations to survive in harsh, dry climates. These plants will close their leaves to conserve water, and their fuzzy leaves create a tiny micro-climate to hold in humidity.