6 Practical And Useful Broccoli Growing Tips For A Big Harvest

Do you think it is easy to grow large and attractive broccoli heads? Everybody knows that growing broccoli is not a complex task. However, growing large broccoli heads is not as simple as you think. Here are the 6 practical and useful broccoli growing tips to harvest the biggest heads that you can’t even imagine.

1. Plant Broccoli at the Right Time

You need to plant the young seedlings or plants at the right time to enjoy a good harvest. Plant them within four to six weeks before the arrival of the last spring frost. Broccoli thrives fast in cooler weather, but cold weather is not the right environment. If you want to plant broccoli in warmer climates, you must do it between mid-August and mid-September. It is also necessary to transplant them when they grow up to three inches.

2. Choose Suitable Variety

You must choose the right variety based on the weather in your area. Specialists in your local nursery can offer you the best advice on broccoli variety and climate.

3. Create the Right Growing Environment

The growing environment you create decides the growth rate and size. Broccoli flourishes fast when the soil pH is neutral (Between 6.5 and 7.5). If you have acidic soil in your area, you can add crushed oyster shells or garden lime to improve pH. Maintain the soil temperature between 60 and 65F.

4. Nitrogen-rich Soil

Broccoli prefers rich soil, particularly nitrogen-rich soil. So you can add more nitrogen to the soil frequently. The distance between plants should be about 18 inches. You must make sure that these plants are exposed to full sun. The head becomes bigger when the sunlight exposure increases.

5. Water Plants Properly

It is one of the most vital broccoli growing tips you need to follow. The weekly water requirements of these plants are 1 to 1.5 inches. Make sure that broccoli gets adequate water.

6. Never Undermine the Importance of Fertilizers

Prior to planting, you must add cottonseed meal, blood meal, and rotten manure into the soil and combine well. As these plants start growing, they must be watered with a fish emulsion or other organic fertilizers. You need to do it every three to four weeks.

These simple and practical broccoli growing tips let you grow big and beautiful heads.