15 DIY Butterfly Feeders That Will Make Your Garden A Butterfly Paradise

Many people would describe butterflies as the most beautiful insect that’s commonly found in gardens. They are colourful and can bring a smile to your face whenever you see one. Unfortunately, some species of butterfly are becoming endangered and could use some help to survive. Happily, we can introduce more of them into our gardens with the use of butterfly feeders. You can help our little friends by feeding them sweet liquids and overripe or decaying fruits with your own butterfly feeder set up in your garden. But you don’t need to specifically buy one of these. You can also make it yourself with these DIY ideas.

1. A plate hung up by a string can be a good, easy and cheap way to make yourself a feeder.

You can also put your own style onto it by including flowers, beads and painting if you’d like to.

2. If you have a tree in your garden why not hang hooks of wire at 6-inch intervals to use as your butterfly feeder.

You can use the hooks to hang fruit from for our friends.

Learn the complete details of installing it here birdsandblooms

3. If you want to give the butterflies in your area a more liquid-based diet then you can also use a glass jar.

After you’ve filled this jar with a sugary liquid for them you can put the lid back on and hang it upside down from a tree.

Just make a hole in the top of the lid and bung it with a bit of sponge to allow the butterflies access to this food.

Tutorial: traditionalcookingschool

4. You can recycle your old plates or dishes to create your own butterfly feeder.

Just hang it up by a string and put the food upon it.

Tutorial: brankletsnbling

5. You may have children that you may want to keep entertained for a little while.

An easy idea for children to make a butterfly feeder is to use a plastic planter, string, beads and butterfly food.

Learn the details of the idea here: readingconfetti

6. If you want something to blend into the garden rather than being a colourful spectacle you can use a jar with a hole in its lid but also use a natural sea sponge.

This sponge is a lot safer for butterflies.

Tutorial: premeditatedleftovers.com

7. If you don’t have a jar at your disposal, you can also use a tin can.

Just fill it with flowers and add a cotton ball soaked with sugar water.

You can decorate it however you’d like but a good idea is to add an artificial butterfly.

Tutorial: parents

8. You can also use a jug for the same use.

Fill it with sugar syrup and add your own decorations such as flowery stickers and it’ll welcome the butterflies.

Tutorial: carolynshomework

9. An easy method of making a butterfly feeder is to grab a shallow jar and stuff the bottom of it with rocks until you reach about an inch from the top.

Add a spongey disc to the top and place a delicious bit of fruit upon it.

10. Back to recycling to make your butterfly feeder.

You can use all sorts of materials such as toilet rolls, pipe cleaners, plastic bottle caps and cotton wool to create an amazing butterfly feeder of your very own.

Learn the complete details of the idea here handmadecharlotte

11. Our friendly butterflies don’t just need food to live but water too.

Add this rustic feeder nearby your creation and you’ll be able to establish a safe place for butterflies, bees and birds alike.

Tutorial: empressofdirt

12. Another recyclable idea is to use a yoghurt or ice cream lid instead of a plate.

Hole punch the sides to make an easy way to string up the feeder and place some nice fruit on it.

13. If you have some wire set aside you can use it to make another feeder.

Just make sure the end is closed and there are perches for butterflies to sit on.

Fill it with fruit and hang it from a tree. You can make it in any shape of your choice.

Check out the easy details of the idea here acowboyswife

14. Just like us butterflies need a balanced diet. This means they’ll also be happy to take salt as well as nectar.

Other minerals are of course essential and they usually get it from mud puddles but in very hot summers your unlikely to find those.

You can help by supplying them with sand from the beach, water and places from them to perch. You can essentially create their very own beach with driftwood and seashells.

15. A glass plate, two glass candle holder and the jar have been stacked to shape up this feeder, and lovely marbles have been used to embellish it up.