TOP 38 Gorgeous Gabion Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

With the good weather that the arrival of spring offers, many people think about decorating the exterior of their home. Among all the existing options, there are some that stand out because their initial use wasn’t decorative. This is the case of gabions, initially intended for engineering and construction projects, such as placing margins on a river bed or placing them on the base of a building as an anti-seismic measure. Now they have been given a new use, the decorative one. In this list, we offer you 38 great and unique ideas with gabions with which you can impress visitors.

#1 Gabion pillar

The stability offered by the weight of the stones and the shape of the gabion helps to place a slab on top and decorate to taste.

#2 Use the gabions as the legs of a bench or table

Like the previous one, the stability allows placing boards or slabs on top, which allows creating a set of bench and table perfect for a lunch outside.

#3 Mailbox gabion

If you use this mailbox, rest assured that no one will steal it if they don’t bring a trailer, in addition, it’s more resistant than a normal mailbox, which will prevent it from breaking if a child hits it, for example.

#4 Use gabions as low-cost retaining walls

If you have an unevenness in the garden, placing some stairs and this to avoid landslides, you can get it to decorate and look nice. You can also give it a separation, to be able to plant some flowers between the gabions.

#5 Take advantage of the iron frame to create different shapes

Before placing the stones on the metal mesh, we can give it some more interesting shape than a cube, such as a large vase shape or animal-style shapes. The objective is to be able to distinguish the shape once we place the stones inside.

#6 Play with the coloring of the stones

If we order the stones by color, we can make drawings with their coloring. It would also be possible to paint the stones before casting them and give colors to our decorations that couldn’t be natural.

#7 Create a barbecue with gabions

Either using the gabion as a table or integrating the gabion as a necessary part of the barbecue, you can take advantage of the fact that these structures allow air to pass to place the embers and enjoy a good meal.

#8 Use the gabions to make custom flower pots and flower beds

They can be made in different sizes and shapes, the smallest can carry soil between the stones, and that allows plants to grow in the gabion itself, or you can generate various structures where to place the earth and make your garden flourish.

#9 Combine gabions into modern structures

Although gabions have been around for centuries, that doesn’t mean they can’t fit in with modern structures, like these irregular staircases.

#10 Fence made with gabions

If you are tired of the typical wooden fence, you can stack the gabions, using posts as a guide, to separate land, this can also integrate the vegetation, put with soil and water, the roots will grow between the holes in the stone.

#11 Create a small fountain or waterfall

Before placing the stones, structures can be placed that give the gabion another use, as in this case, where the gabion has a connected water source, which was later covered with the stones to give the impression that the water gushes out on its own.

#12 Glass and gabion, good combination

By placing a glass panel on the surface of the gabion, you can see the base of it, giving it a clean look. You can combine it with the creation of different patterns with colors to give a greater impression.

#13 Design abstract structures with trusses

The vast majority of frames are completely filled with stones, but you can make a unique design by placing empty frames and with a stone supported giving the impression that it floats within the structure.

#14 Create pedestals and stacks of stones

These pedestals also have many other options, such as serving to place a regular mailbox, to place a house for the birds in your garden, or as a base for other structures.

#15 Integrate your house number with the gabion

You will cause greater impact and also the visitors will find your home better if at the entrance you place a gabion on which the house number is found. If they don’t see the number, they will look at the unique gabion.

#16 Form tiered gardens using gabions and posts

While the posts help to locate the gabions, these by their weight will prevent the weight of the earth from damaging the garden.

#17 Make a rigid wall by combining gabions and wood

If after all the examples you aren’t still convinced, you can rely on this idea of covering the edges with wood to give it a more expensive look. In this example, the base of the entire wall is the gabions that are semi-covered with wood to show both the naturalness of the stones and the austerity of the wood.

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