Best Tips to Grow Big & Flavorful Blackberries in Pots

For those considering planting in your backyard, blackberries are an excellent choice. Not only do they taste amazing, but blackberries are packed with numerous vitamins and minerals as well as a number of antioxidants which are essential for the body’s overall health.

In this breakdown, we’ve found 7 great and easy-to-follow tips that will allow you to grow blackberries in your own backyard even if you don’t have a planter’s thumb.

Number 1: Pick the Perfect Spot

It’s important that you pick the ideal spot for growing fruit, particularly blackberries. You’ll want to find a location that gets a large amount of sunlight in the day and also has rich soil and good water drainage.

Number 2: Don’t Invade Their Space

While some plants do well in bunches, blackberries are not one of them. You’ll want to plant them each abound 8 feet apart so that they have their own personal space to fully grow.

Number 3: Use Pots to Plant

If you don’t have a large enough yard to plant, consider using pots. If you do so, remember to only use one plant per pot container. You’ll also want to have a large enough pot that can be between 12 to 18 inches deep with good drainage.

Number 4: Whack the Weeds

If you’ve got weeds in your yard, just know that that is a death sentence to blackberries. You’ll ideally want to ensure that the area is as clear of them as possible, pulling any that might sprout up as soon as possible.

Number 5: Protect them from Critters

You aren’t the only one that loves the taste of blackberries. Many bugs and small animals may be attracted to them, wanting to snack on a few whenever possible. To prevent this, consider throwing a light never over them. This will act as a barrier between them and the hungry bandits.

Number 6: Fertilize

If you really want a nice-sized bushel of berries, you’ll want to fertilize them between 3-4 weeks after planting. A general fertilizer is fine. Just follow the instructions on the package.

Number 7: Time for the Harvest

Now that your delicious berries are ready to be eaten, it’s time for the harvest. You’ll want to pick them at their ripest point which is after they turn a deep purple color and they fall easily from their branches. You’ll want to keep the top of the bush intact for future batches.