Best 18 Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture And Purify The Air

House plants are wildly popular right now and you cannot look for home decor ideas without running into suggestions about house plants and how to incorporate them. One of these ideas that has gotten a lot of attention, and that I was confused by at first, is bathroom plants. That’s right, keeping house plants in your bathroom. Once I looked into this a little further, it makes absolute sense.

House plants do a great job of not only purifying the air but also removing unwanted moisture which can cause mildew or mold. And what room in a house has the most moisture?

Your bathroom. Adding a house plant to your bathroom not only brightens up your space but also helps filter those unwanted spores and even toxins from detergents out of the air. Here are 18 plants that will thrive in your bathroom while adding charm and clean air to the area.

English Ivy

English Ivy is an excellent air purifier and it specializes in cleaning formaldehyde, which is found in many cleaners and detergents, from the atmosphere. Its low light requirements and vining nature make it an ideal bathroom plant.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies absorbed moisture through their enormous leaves which means they require minimal watering and are quite happy in a bathroom.

If ingested, the leaves are toxic, so make sure your lily is somewhere pets won’t take a nibble.

Mother-In-Laws Tongue

These plants are one of the most popular bathroom plants because they take up very little space while doing a great job filtering household toxins from the air.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are easily identified by their long, spindly leaves, giving the plant the appearance of a large, green spider.

These plants can filter up to 90% of toxins from their environment and are easy to care for.

Boston Fern

These delicate members of the fern family thrive in damp conditions with low light, making them an ideal bathroom plant.

Even in a bathroom, Boston ferns are more likely to be under-watered than over, so make sure to mist them and keep their soil moist at all times.

Reed Palm

Reed palms are a tropical plant which means they love warm, wet environments.

Even though they come from an area known for its sunshine, these large, leafy plants do just fine in the low light of a bathroom.

Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar gems are one of the hardiest plants you will find. This little gem only requires water once every few months and is nearly indestructible.

Cast Iron Plant

Like the durable and long-lasting metal they are named after, cast iron plants are tough and will be with you for the long haul.

With minimal water needs and the ability to withstand temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, these sturdy little plants are a great addition to your collection.

Birds Nest Fern

Ferns really are one of the best plant varieties for bathrooms, with their love of dark, damp spaces and their soft, bushy leaves.

Birds nest ferns have a beautiful dark green color and will grow quite large if given the space to.


If you are looking to add a splash of color to your bathroom, an orchid is a great choice.

These graceful plants love humidity and produce gorgeous flowers for many months of the year.


Pothos are one of the most common house plants because they are ridiculously easy to care for.

They require little light and if you forget to water them they won’t shrivel up.

Baby’s Tear

While the name may sound sad, these plants’ bright green color and dense, delicate leaves give them a cheerful appearance.

Baby’s tears work great in hanging or wall-mounted pots that allow them space to climb.


Tillandsias are also called “air plants” and are watered by soaking the entire plant in water every couple of weeks.

By keeping them in a bathroom, you eliminate the need to do this and your plant will happily absorb its water from the atmosphere.


These tall, blade-like plants bear a strong resemblance to the mother-in-law’s tongue, but dracaena prefer a brighter environment.

Dracaenas are best for a bathroom with a south or east-facing window so they can receive apple sunlight.


With minimal light requirements and a love of damp environments, these big leafy plants are an excellent fit for a bathroom.

They also add a splash of color with their bright pink leaves.

Aloe Vera

Aloe not only needs very little light or water, but they are also one of the most useful houseplants you can own.

Aloe is a great remedy for skin conditions from sunburn to bug bites.


Azaleas are happiest in a warm, wet space, just like your bathroom. If you keep these plants damp and happy they will reward you with a plethora of colorful blossoms to brighten up your space.


Another flowering plant that thrives in bathrooms is the begonia. These bright and cheerful plants do best in hanging containers and will produce flowers for several months if cared for properly.


With several varieties that grow either straight up or long and vining, there is a philodendron for almost any space. These plants love moist conditions but also require bright light, so they may not be best for a dark bathroom.