Craft Cute Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden

If you want to decorate your garden in a way that it makes you feel interesting, then how about decorating it with something like Mosaic Ladybugs?

Tools and Materials:
  • an old soccer ball or other hemisphere shape;
  • cement, sand;
  • tile adhesive;
  • pencil or charcoal;
  • red and black ceramic tiles;
  • tile cutter;
  • grouts.
When you have prepared all the tools and materials above, you can begin the making process:

STEP 1(Above Picture): First, take a thing with hemisphere shape and wrap it with a plastic bag. After that pour a mixture of concrete, sand and water in the container above.

STEP 2: When the cement and sand mixture has dried, pull it out of the mold and release it from the plastic bag.

STEP 3: The bag forms many folds. You can fill all the rough surface with cement mixture and polish it after drying.

STEP 4: With a pencil, crayons or charcoal, mark the dots, wings and eyes of the lady bug.

STEP 5: Take red and black pieces of tiles and cover the ladybug with them using a tile adhesive.

For more details view the tutorial at handmade idea.

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