Breathtaking Blue Flowers Grow In Containers

Want to add a splash of color to your garden, front yard and porch? And this color will capture your guest’s attention. How about these true-blue blooms? They can be planted in containers and can be easily displayed in any position you want and create amazing effect. After all, nothing gives a hearty dose of curb appeal like blue blooms.

1. Viola/Pansy – They come in almost every color, and you can easily find a variety in the shade of blue:

2. Salvia – Most of the salvias prefer warm subtropical and tropical climate to grow as a perennial, but they are a cinch to grow even in cold areas as an annual:

3. Bellflowers are available in pink, violet, white, and blue colors. They enjoy well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine:

4. You can grow Clematis in a variety of climates, and there are many blue clematis cultivars available:

5. Delphinium – They stand tall in your garden bed, so they are sure to catch your visitor’s eye:

6. Grape Hyacinth – How their bloom spikes look like miniature clusters of grapes:

7. Hydrangeas can change the color of their blooms according to the soil pH. To keep your petals blue, aim for a pH of about 5.2 to 5.5:

8. Cornflower – Because it is often grown as a weed in corn fields, it gets this name. It is an annual flower comprised of 10 trumpet-like petals:

9. Petunia – This classic flower is everywhere, and some varieties like wave blue, morning glory blue can hold up much better to summer heat and humidity:

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